Where Are You, Men of Courage?

Are you a man of courage?

It’s a question you might ask yourself after you go see the new movie, Courageous.

Courageous is a movie about fatherhood. If you’re a father, you need to see this movie. Actually, if you’re a father, son, wife, or mom you need to see this movie.

And if you’re a coach, you can take a lot from this movie as well. I’ll discuss this a little as your read further.

This isn’t a review of Courageous … it is simply a recommendation that you be “courageous” and go see it! I don’t know if I’ve ever watched a movie that is so emotionally up & down. It is certainly one of the most powerful films I have ever seen!

If you haven’t heard of Courageous, watch this trailer:

As mentioned above and in the trailer, Courageous is a movie about fatherhood. What can we — as basketball coaches — take from this movie? A lot!

As coaches (more specifically male coaches), we are essentially father figures. We may not be replacing our players’ actual fathers, though in some cases, we might be the only male influence they have in their lives. As we know, many kids do not have a dad in his/her life. And still others have a dad who is essentially non-existent. As a basketball coach, we have an enormous responsibility.

If Courageous is about fatherhood, then what can we take away from it beyond our role as fathers (or if we aren’t a dad)? Whether you are a dad or not, here are a few things the movie teaches and how we can relate it to coaching basketball and becoming better basketball coaches:

  • Love. Obviously we should love our family. We should also ‘love’ our players. By that I mean we serve them, protect them, and teach them … all out of love.
  • Faithfulness. Be faithful to your players, staff, program and community.
  • Responsibility. Teach your players to be responsible for their actions on and off the court.
  • Honor. Train them to honor and respect all authority.
  • Hard Work. Display a positive attitude toward work and demonstrate an example that you are willing to work hard. You expect your players to work hard … are you?
  • Courage. Well, it IS in the title of the movie! Do you have the courage to do what’s right? Do you have the courage to go above and beyond what ‘society’ requires?

I am sure there are plenty more ideas and ideals we can pull from Courageous. I do highly recommend you go see the movie … especially if you are a father. If you aren’t, you should still go see it. Either way, it might just change your life!

Be a man of courage!

Have you seen Courageous? What did you think about it? Can we take anything away from the movie to help us become better basketball coaches? Please share in the comments below.


  1. KG says

    I could not agree more. The movie hit me in all aspects and I could relate to it. For me it gave me the extra push to keep on going. Being a father is not easy, but we can’t give up as our children need us.

  2. Ealrynla says

    I Never saw such a Powerful movie in my life. As for me and my sis, single mums, it really change our thoughts. And we realize that our kids miss out on a lot not having a Dad. My baby is only 6 and recently ask me when I’m getting married cause he Needs a Dad. Thank You Alex Kendrick u touch our lives. Now we just need to Pray harder that, that tipe of Dads Find us.

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