V-Cut Drills

The V-Cut is a method of getting open to receive a pass on the basketball court. It is called a ‘v-cut’ because the cut is made in the shape of the letter ‘V’. As the diagram below demonstrates, a v-cut is generally made by a player on the perimeter cutting toward the lane, planting hard on the outside foot, and then cutting hard back to the perimeter to receive the pass. The v-cut is useful because more often than not, you need to move to get open. If you’re standing still and tightly guarded, you won’t get open to receive a pass. If you’re just running around without changing speed or direction, you won’t get open that way either. Therefore, the V-cut is an effective tool you can utilize in order to get open on the basketball court!

V-Cut Drills
1) V-Cut Drill

Purpose: To teach the “V-Cut” as a method of getting open for a pass.

Drill: Place players into groups of three at a basket and with a basketball.

O1 begins by passing to O2, making a V-cut, and cutting hard toward the basket for a return pass. O1 will not shoot, however, but dribble out to a new location and wait for O2 to V-cut again. O2 will always make a V-cut to get open — O1 will always V-cut and sprint to the hoop for a pass back. ^2 is used to place light pressure on O2 while first learning the technique and skill of the V-cut. As the skill becomes better, ^2 should turn up the pressure. Rotate frequently.


  • Add an extra defender to guard O1.
  • Let the offensive team attempt to score after a predetermined number of V-cuts have been completed successfully.


V-Cut Drills
2) V-Cut Continuity Drill

Purpose: Same as V-cut drill above — now with the added difficulty of playing against a defense.

Drill: Player divide into groups of six at a basket (3 on offense, 3 on defense). The object of this drill is to make a predetermined number of passes without the defense stealing or deflecting the basketball. Scoring is not allowed in this drill.

O1 begins by passing the ball to O2 or O3 who are V-cutting to get open. O1 then V-cuts to an open area. Play is continuous with the players performing V-cuts to get open. The defense puts pressure on the the offense and tries to steal and/or prevent the pass. The offense always retains possession of the ball, even when errors occur. Rotate the players from offense to defense after a set amount of time or after a desired number of passes are attained.

Coaching Points:

  • The offense should keep spread apart.
  • Make good, hard cuts. “Sell it” that you are going away and then cut hard to the basket or to get open.


  • Add a player to each side and go 4-on-4
  • Attempt to score after a predetermined number of successful passes.



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