Tony Bennett’s All-American Ball Handling Workout

This came from a handout I found in my ‘stack of stuff’! I grew up in Wisconsin so I got to see a lot of Tony at Green Bay Preble and later at UW-Green Bay (he also played a few years in the NBA). The kid could play! Although not a kid anymore, Tony Bennett is now the head men’s basketball coach at the University of Virginia.

Tony’s ballhandling workout should be performed at least 2-3 times per week. If you focus and work hard, you will be amazed at the vast improvement in your ballhandling skills, dribbling skills, hand-eye coordination, and quickness.

Perform this workout with hard work and dedication … do not take it easy!!

Non Dribbling In Place:

  1. Ball Slaps
  2. Outstretched Arms (elbows locked) pat ball back and forth on fingertips
  3. Right Leg Circles
  4. Reversed Right Leg Circles (go the opposite way)
  5. Left Leg Circles
  6. Reversed Left Leg Circles (go the opposite way)
  7. Figure Eight
  8. Reversed Figure Eight (go the opposite way)
  9. Double Flip (hold the ball with two hands in front and then drop the ball and catch it with two hands in back before it hits the ground
  10. Single Flip (hold the ball with one hand in front and one in back, drop the ball and reverse hand positions and catch the ball before it hits the ground)
  11. Single Flip / Double Flip (alternating)
  12. Figure Eight Around the Ankles Double Flip

Dribbling In Place:

  1. Right Hand High Dribble then Slam Down Low (looking over your left shoulder)
  2. Left Hand High Dribble then Slam Down Low (looking over your right shoulder)
  3. Side to Side Right Hand
  4. Side to Side Left Hand
  5. Front to Back Left Hand
  6. Front to Back Right Hand
  7. Side to Side Left Hand Behind the Back
  8. Side to Side Right Hand Behind the Back
  9. Crossover Dribble Left to Right in Place
  10. Dribble Around Right Leg
  11. Dribble Around Left Leg
  12. Figure Eight Dribble with Right Hand Only
  13. Figure Eight Dribble with Left Hand Only
  14. Spider Dribble (two taps in front, two taps in back…)
  15. Scissors Dribble (between legs in place)



  1. NW says

    Great drill! Saw Tony B demonstrate this as a Preble basketball camper about a zillion years ago. He also said that as a lefty he would do all sorts of stuff right handed to get more ambidextrous, like eating dinner with his fork in his right hand. Great player, much Preble pride for all the success he is having at UVA.

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