Point Guard Tips

This is a basic outline that a point guard should know and understand if he or she wants to learn how to be a better point guard.

Being a great point guard is much more than having fine basketball skills — you must also have excellent cognitive and mental skills … as well as a high basketball IQ.

A. Mental Attitude and Approach of a Point Guard

  1. Be a leader.
  2. Be an intelligent player.
  3. Be a communicator with your teammates and your coaching staff.
  4. Be a floor coach.
  5. Be unselfish, bring out the best of your teammates.
  6. Support and commit to the goals and philosophies of the team.

B. Defensive Attitude and Approach of a Point Guard

  1. Set the intensity level on defense.
  2. Be aggressive – avoid fouling.
  3. Commit to pressure on ball – baseline to baseline.
  4. Commit to denying every pass – 1 pass away.
  5. Keep the ball out of the middle of the floor.
  6. Contest every shot.
  7. Box out and get to the outlet.
  8. Protect on defensive steal or quick rebound.

C. Offensive Attitude and Approach of a Point Guard

  1. Set the tempo on offense.
  2. Know when to break and when to set a pattern.
  3. Be an offensive threat.
  4. Handle the ball with confidence and intensity.
  5. Make the easy pass.
  6. Read the defense and make good entry and continuation decisions.
  7. Eliminate mental errors.
  8. On deep penetration to the hoop, utilize a strong jump stop, shot fake if needed, and finish with an assist or shot.
  9. Shoot at least 80% from the foul line.

D. Ball Handling Skills Needed by a Point Guard

Become efficient with:

  1. Speed
  2. Control
  3. Crossover dribble
  4. Pull back dribble
  5. Hesitation dribble
  6. Behind the back dribble
  7. Fake reverse dribble

E. Receiving the Ball as a Point Guard

  1. Outlet Pass – call for the ball quickly – yell “OUTLET” – above foul line extended, ballside.
  2. Out of Bounds – utilize V-cuts, reverse pin, bump & release, and screen away-roll back.
  3. On Perimeter – Be a threat at all times…meet the passes.

F. Making the Entry Pass as a Point Guard

  1. Pass to the low post from only below the foul line extended. Above this line, creates a bad angle pass.
  2. Keep the ball alive – avoid “Dead Ball” situations.
  3. Pass away from the defender.
  4. Pass to target hands of the receiver. If their hands aren’t ready, don’t pass!
  5. Make quick, sharp passes. No floaters.

G. Movement without the Ball as a Point Guard

  1. Go to basket.
  2. Replace yourself.
  3. Screen away.
  4. Cut through.
  5. Screen on ball.
  6. Slide on perimeter vs. zone — sneak a pivot foot into gap as you receive a pass.
  7. Pass and relocate on a pass to the post, esp. if defender doubleteams the post.

H. One on One Moves for a Point Guard

  1. Jab & Go
  2. Jab & Shoot
  3. Shot fake & Shot
  4. Shot fake & Drive
  5. Crossover dribble
  6. Reverse layup, both right and left

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  1. Danjor1997 says

    I am a point guard and I liked this for the reason that it is like a checklist. I know what I can do efficiently and what I should work on. This definitely gives me something to work on during practice. Thanks.

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