Kids Basketball Drills – Developing Basic Footwork and Fundamentals

Article by: Pat Anderson

One element of basketball that is often overlooked is mastering fundamental movement. Proper stance in starts, stops, and jumps will improve effectiveness and efficiency during the game. These drills for basketball will allow players to create muscle memory for correct stance and push them to move quickly and accurately on the court.

Stance Check

This drill for basketball helps players recognize basic stances, position their bodies to assume those stances, and learn to maintain those stances.

For this drill, have players spread out on the court. The coach will yell out basic stances that the team has learned. As soon as they hear the call, the players must assume the position and hold it until the coach has checked to make sure everyone is doing it correctly. The coach should alternate the stance calls and repeat some throughout the drill so that the players will listen carefully and move quickly.

Stance Mirror

This basketball drill allows players to see what the basic stances look like so they can better recognize them and move accordingly.

In this drill, each player will either use a mirror or a partner. Call out stances and have the players assume and hold them for five seconds, making sure they are positioned properly.

Line Starts, Steps, and Stops

This basic basketball drill develops players’ ability to start, pivot, and stop quickly and accurately.

Divide players into four groups and line them up at the baseline at one end of the court. The coach calls out options for the players to perform:

  • Stutter-steps: Players move from the baseline to the opposite end line with their hands up, making their shoes squeak and using the floor to their advantage
  • Change-of-pace moves – Players quick start and the coach calls out alternate slow and fast moves, using a varied number of steps to avoid patterns
  • Pivots – Players perform front and rear turns, using the stride stop variation
  • Split-vision jog – Players jog across the court, keeping their eyes focused on the far basket while also staying in a straight line from side to side by using their peripheral vision
  • Quick stops – Players run down the court, making quick stops at the free throw line, the half court line, and the opposite free throw line

Jump Ball Tipping

This drill for basketball helps players develop jumping skills to practice for jump ball situations.

Divide the team into groups and have them form jump circles. One player or coach will toss the ball in the air and the other two players will practice using basic jumping techniques to tip the ball.

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