High-Low Post Drill

Purpose: To teach the post players the basics of flashing to the high post and then looking for the low post teammate on a pass or for their own shot.

High-Low Post Drill

Drill: This drill uses four defenders set up in somewhat of a box zone.

The drill starts with #1 passing to #2. #4 flashes to high post elbow looking for a pass from #2. Upon receiving the pass, #4 looks to #5 pinning his defender. If #5 is not open, #4 can also look for his own shot or kick it back out to a guard.

Coaching Points: If the play goes through the initial flash and there is not a shot available, #4 should kick the ball back out to #1 or #2. Once the ball is placed back into #1’s hands, he can dribble to the other side, thereby causing #5 to flash to the elbow. This just helps allow some continuation in the drill once they understand the main ideas and fundamentals behind the high-low post play.



  1. Prosportscom says

    Helpful drawing and instruction drills, I will have to print this myself and enlarge for me, as a coach to add additional knowledge, techniques and drills for my team to be effective and efficient more.

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