Continuous 3-on-3 Drill

Continuous 3-on-3 DrillPurpose: This drill is a continuous halfcourt 3 on 3 drill with players rotating quickly from offense to defense. It teaches players to react quickly and communicate effectively. Any aspect of basketball can be emphasized such as offense, defense, rebounding, passing, etc.

12 players get into 3 lines. Alternate jersey colors in each line. The first player in each line steps out to be on defense (3 defenders). The next 3 players will be on offense and attack the basket in a 3 on 3 setting.

The offense will try to score by cutting, screening, flashing, etc (any and all movements you utilize in your offensive sets). The defense, of course, will try to stop the offense by creating a turnover or rebounding a missed shot. When the defense rebounds a missed shot or steals the ball, they must outlet to the next player in one of the side two lines, who then passes to the middle line.

If the offense scores, the defense must step out of bounds and throw the basketball to an outside line. When the ball gets back to the middle, the next 3 players attack the basket. The players who were just on offense must turn and defend the new offensive team.

Keep alternating from offense to defense. After playing defense, run wide off the court and get back into the lines and halfcourt.

Coaching Points: The offense should attack as soon as the ball is in the middle line. The new defensive team must then talk and find a man to guard. Focus on good outlet passes and moving without the ball. The defense must fight screens and play good position defense.


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