Box Set Plays

One of the more popular basketball offense sets is the box set, which is designed to get quick and easy baskets. A box set play can be used prior to running almost any offense whether it's a motion or patterned offense and they can be useful at targeting a specific player you want to score or a defender you want to attack.
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Box Entry Play into the Flex Offense

Box Entry into Flex Offense

Article courtesy of Breakthrough Basketball Here's how you can initiate the flex offense from the box set.  It is a simple play that will get you started with the flex -- and can also open up the floor for the players to an easy shot. The play entry starts from a box set. 5 comes up to set a ball … [Read more...]

Simple Basketball Plays For Kids

Simple Basketball Plays for Kids

Article by: Pat Anderson The key to effective basketball plays for beginners is keeping it simple. The following plays use a box formation, a good beginning formation that provides opportunities for outside shots and post shot plays and allows some flexibility for various scenarios. Backdoor … [Read more...]

Flash High, Pass Low Play

Flash High Pass Low Play

A simple quick hitter from the box set, the 'Flash High, Pass Low' play is an efficient basketball play useful in getting an open layup attempt. Good for any level of play, it is an effective play for youth basketball teams because it is easy to run. Obviously, that makes it easy to run at all levels, but it would also be easier to defend. Young … [Read more...]

Box Set Lob Plays

Box Lob Plays

1) Version 1 O1 dribbles to the right wing as O5 screens down for O2. As O2 catches the pass at the top from O1, O3 sets a backscreen for O4 for the lob.   2) Version 2 O1 dribbles to the left wing as O5 and O3 cut out to open areas. O2 comes from the right block to set a backscreen for O4 for the lob.   … [Read more...]

Double Box Set Play

Double Box Set Play

This play is designed as a quick hitter to get O3 open for a shot. O1 dribbles to the left wing, O4 and O5 set a double screen for O3, looking for the shot. 'Double' can also be run to the other side for O2. The players should know what to do to either side, depending upon the point guard's choice. … [Read more...]

Diagonal Play

Diagonal Play

This box set quick hitter makes use of a diagonal screen and a cross screen to get a scoring opportunity from the low post. To initiate the play, the point guard, O1, takes it on the dribble to the left wing. O3 sets a diagonal screen and O4 sets a cross screen for O5, who cuts to the left block. O2 cuts to the top, rubbing his defender off … [Read more...]

Screen the Screener Play

Screen the Screener

1) This 'screen the screener' play is a nice play to run as a secondary option to the fast break. The point guard, O1, brings the basketball to right wing as the others arrange themselves in the box set. This play is essentially designed for O2, probably the best scoring threat. As O1 dribbles over to the wing, O2 sets a cross screen for O3. … [Read more...]

Backdoor Play

Backdoor Play

This backdoor quick hitter from the box set is great when facing tough man to man defensive pressure. When the point guard (1), gets the basketball across halfcourt and towards the top of the key, #2 and #3 both cut hard from the low block to the wing. #1 can choose to go to either high post for the pass. In this diagram, #1 chooses #5. As #5 … [Read more...]