Team Defense Drills

The following team basketball defense drills will help in developing your entire team man-to-man defensive system.

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4-on-4 Closeout Basketball Drill

4 on 4 Closeout Drill

Purpose: To practice closeouts on the ball and closing out defensively when off the ball. Drill: 4 offensive players start on the perimeter. 4 defensive players start on the baseline. A coach with a ball also stands on the baseline. To begin the drill, the coach will pass the basketball to any one of the 4 offensive players. As the ball … [Read more...]

Shell Situations Drill

Shell Situations Drill

Purpose:┬áTo work on various situations that occur in a basketball game and how to properly defend them. To improve and develop communication skills. Also works on offensive movements and fundamentals that will improve team play. Drill: The 'Shell Situations Drill' is a more advanced version of the basic shell drill; this drill is intended to … [Read more...]