Basketball Playbook

Welcome to the Hoops U. Basketball Playbook! Our basketball playbook is loaded with basketball plays and basketball drills, as well as basketball coaching tactics and strategies to help you succeed as a basketball coach! Whether you are a youth basketball coach, a professional basketball coach, or anywhere in between, you will find a great collection of X's and O's ... as well as tactical strategies to help you win!
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1-4 Low Post Dive Play

1-4 Low Post Dive Play

The purpose of this basketball play from the 1-4 high set is to get the ball into the low post for a scoring opportunity. This play can be run to either side and can be used to target your best low post scorer. To begin, the players are in a 1-4 high set. O3 starts by setting a screen at the elbow area for O4 who pops out to the wing. O1 … [Read more...]

Middle Screen and Drive Play

Middle Screen and Drive Play

The Middle Screen and Drive Play is a simple basketball set play that can be run at any level ... from youth to professional! The offense is well-spaced for this play, which has the post player set an on-ball screen to allow the point guard to attack the basket. With a good screen, a solid point guard will be able to create a layup opportunity for … [Read more...]

Baseline Upscreen Cross Screen Play

Baseline Upscreen Cross Screen Play

This is a simple but quite effective baseline out of bounds play you can run against a man-to-man defense. By utilizing a couple of simple screens, you create 2 possible shot opportunities -- a corner/short corner jump shot or a layup. When the official hands the basketball to O1, O3 sets an upscreen for O2 and O5 sets a cross screen for … [Read more...]

Box Entry Play into the Flex Offense

Box Entry into Flex Offense

Article courtesy of Breakthrough Basketball Here's how you can initiate the flex offense from the box set.  It is a simple play that will get you started with the flex -- and can also open up the floor for the players to an easy shot. The play entry starts from a box set. 5 comes up to set a ball … [Read more...]

Golden State Warriors Quick Hitter Basketball Play

Golden State

Article courtesy of Breakthrough Basketball The Golden State Warriors had a fantastic playoff run due to their tremendous outside shooting ability.  The Warriors ran this set play to get star point guard Stephen Curry an open jump shot during Game 6 of the Western Conference Semifinals against the San … [Read more...]

Basketball Coaches Academy Video Series :: Tim Grosz on the Motion Offense Toughness Drill

Tim Grosz at Hoops U. Basketball Coaches Academy

In this 6-part video series, I will be sharing video clips from each of the coaches who spoke at our inaugural Hoops U. Basketball Coaches Academy that was held on April 26-27, 2013 in Minneapolis, MN. Own the entire 6 1/2 hours of fantastic basketball coaching information on our 2-DVD set or Digital Download! Click for more information and to … [Read more...]