Basketball Playbook

Welcome to the Hoops U. Basketball Playbook! Our basketball playbook is loaded with basketball plays and basketball drills, as well as basketball coaching tactics and strategies to help you succeed as a basketball coach! Whether you are a youth basketball coach, a professional basketball coach, or anywhere in between, you will find a great collection of X's and O's ... as well as tactical strategies to help you win!
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Basic Pick-and-Roll Play from 2-1-2 Set


This is a basic pick-and-roll play from out of a 2-1-2 formation. The main purpose in running a pick-and-roll is to create size and speed mismatches. This play is simple to run as it can be executed at all levels of play to create a mismatch which will lead to an excellent scoring opportunity. For more pick-and-roll basketball plays from a … [Read more...]

Flex to Staggered Screen Play


The Flex to Staggered Screen basketball play is designed as a quick hitter from your flex set to create an opportunity for your shooting guard. As you run the flex a few times, O3's defender will start concentrating on defending the backscreen and flex cut across the lane. This play sets him up to be picked off by the staggered screen going the … [Read more...]

1-4 Low Post Dive Play

1-4 Low Post Dive Play

The purpose of this basketball play from the 1-4 high set is to get the ball into the low post for a scoring opportunity. This play can be run to either side and can be used to target your best low post scorer. To begin, the players are in a 1-4 high set. O3 starts by setting a screen at the elbow area for O4 who pops out to the wing. O1 … [Read more...]

Middle Screen and Drive Play

Middle Screen and Drive Play

The Middle Screen and Drive Play is a simple basketball set play that can be run at any level ... from youth to professional! The offense is well-spaced for this play, which has the post player set an on-ball screen to allow the point guard to attack the basket. With a good screen, a solid point guard will be able to create a layup opportunity for … [Read more...]