3 Quick Hitters vs. a Triangle and Two

It isn’t often that you come across a Triangle and 2 Defense, but if and when you do see it, you will want to be able to run something simple against it.

The following diagrams discuss three different quick hitters that can be run against a Triangle and 2 defense.

3 Quick Hitters vs. a Triangle and Two
Quick Hitter 1:

O3 dribbles toward O4 at the elbow. O4 cuts down and replaces O5 as O5 slides up to the elbow opposite of O3. O2 clears out with his defender. O3 passes to O5 for the shot. If the defense comes up on O5, he can pass to O4 down low.


3 Quick Hitters vs. a Triangle and Two
Quick Hitter 2:

O1 and O2 are on the wings with their defenders. They both take their men down and screen on the defenders. O4 and O5 pop out to the wing for the shot. O3 cuts through the lane to the ballside corner for the shot, if O4 and O5 are covered.


3 Quick Hitters vs. a Triangle and Two
Quick Hitter 3:

O1 and O2 set up on the wings. O4 sets up in the corner and O5 on the low block. O3 dribbles to the left. O2 screens the opposite low defender. O3 passes to O4 for the shot. If the defender pops out to cover the shot, O4 passes to O5 on the block.


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  1. Professional Athletes David says

    Detailed instruction on how to execute this basketball drill. This can be useful to teams by, maybe by printing this and then always having some review and then slowly instructing these to the players. Anyways, this would not be posted here if it it would not be helpful to basketball teams, this just shows that this is beneficial because someone already tried on this and imparting the techniques through blogs :)

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