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Fullcourt Weave to 2-on-1 Drill

This drill is a bit of variation on the normal 3-man weave to 2-on-1 drill. In the normal weave to 2-on-1, it is usually a 3-man weave up the court and a 2-on-1 coming back ... with the shooter sprinting back as the defender. This variation speeds … [Read More...]

High-Low Post Drill

Purpose: To teach the post players the basics of flashing to the high post and then looking for the low post teammate on a pass or for their own shot. Drill: This drill uses four defenders set up in somewhat of a box zone. The drill starts … [Read More...]

Shell Situations Drill

Purpose: To work on various situations that occur in a basketball game and how to properly defend them. To improve and develop communication skills. Also works on offensive movements and fundamentals that will improve team play. Drill: The … [Read More...]

Switch Around the Horn Inbounds Play

This baseline out of bounds play from a box set formation can be run against man-to-man or zone defenses. It is a 2-phase play that, against a man-to-man defense, will force the defenders to fight through screens. Against a zone, it will cause the … [Read More...]

Individual Shooting Clock Race Game

Purpose: To work on shooting in an individual setting. Develop the ability to focus while shooting the basketball in a competitive, timed situation. Also helps player learn to get own rebound and score quickly. Drill: This drill is especially … [Read More...]

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Spartan Post Workout

Here is an easy 1-page pdf that shows 5 post drills along with variations and additional options. The drills included in the .pdf below are: 4-Way Mikan Drill Block to Split Line Scoring High Post Flash 5 Spot Pick and Pop High Post to Block … [Read More...]

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WNBA Point Guard Workout

The WNBA Point Guard Workout is designed for point guards ... or any basketball player who handles the ball! This workout contains 7 drills that will help develop footwork, dribble moves, and shooting. In the .pdf below, you will find the following drills: 2 Step … [Read More...]


An Athletic Code of Ethics

This Athletic Code of Ethics appeared in the May, 1922 edition of The Athletic Journal. The Athletic Journal began in 1921 and deemed themselves "A Professional Magazine for Coaches of the Country". It is quite interesting to read the code with the different use of … [Read More...]


UAB Baseline Box 3

Here is a really nice baseline out of bounds play from the box set that UAB used to get a late-game 3-pointer. This 3-point shot helped them upset 3rd seed Iowa State in the second round of the 2015 NCAA tournament. Below the diagram and description of this play, … [Read More...]