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Team Low Post Basketball Shooting Drill

Purpose: To work on cutting to the low post, receiving the pass, and finishing with a post move and score. Perimeter players also work on passing into the low post. This drill specifically allows the entire team to work on low post shooting in a … [Read More...]

Three in the Circle Basketball Passing Drill

Purpose: For offensive players to work on passing under double-team pressure. This drill can also be useful for defensive players to learn double-teaming techniques and off-ball anticipation. Drill: The drill begins with the coach passing a ball … [Read More...]

Box Entry Play into the Flex Offense

Article courtesy of Breakthrough Basketball http://www.breakthroughbasketball.com/ Here's how you can initiate the flex offense from the box set.  It is a simple play that will get you started with the flex -- and can also open up the floor for the … [Read More...]

3 Across

This baseline out of bounds play can be run against zone defenses in order to get an open jump shot or layup. The flashes and misdirections create open scoring opportunities. O5 = post and inbounder O4 = post on ballside low block O3 = … [Read More...]

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Basketball Blocking Pad Sale

Hi coach! I just got into a brief discussion on Twitter about our Blocking Pads & Shields. I was going to offer a special discount to the couple of coaches who were tweeting ... but then I thought why leave you out of the offer? So ... I'm not going to leave you … [Read More...]


Spartan Post Workout

Here is an easy 1-page pdf that shows 5 post drills along with variations and additional options. The drills included in the .pdf below are: 4-Way Mikan Drill Block to Split Line Scoring High Post Flash 5 Spot Pick and Pop High Post to Block … [Read More...]

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WNBA Point Guard Workout

The WNBA Point Guard Workout is designed for point guards ... or any basketball player who handles the ball! This workout contains 7 drills that will help develop footwork, dribble moves, and shooting. In the .pdf below, you will find the following drills: 2 Step … [Read More...]