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Diagonal Play

This box set quick hitter makes use of a diagonal screen and a cross screen to get a scoring opportunity from the low post. To initiate the play, the point guard, O1, takes it on the dribble to the left wing. O3 sets a diagonal screen and O4 … [Read More...]

Continuous 3-on-3 Drill

Purpose: This drill is a continuous halfcourt 3 on 3 drill with players rotating quickly from offense to defense. It teaches players to react quickly and communicate effectively. Any aspect of basketball can be emphasized such as offense, defense, … [Read More...]

Celtic Drill

Purpose: The Celtic Drill incorporates the outlet pass, layup, baseball pass, and the ability to catch the basketball on a dead run and put it on the floor for a layup without traveling. Also an excellent drill for building up speed and … [Read More...]

Kyrie Irving All-Star Scoring Workout

The Kyrie Irving Scoring Workout is a series of 5 shooting drills that will help you become a better scorer. This series contains a variety of drills and moves so score off the dribble and off of screens like Kyrie Irving. The 5 scoring drills in … [Read More...]

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Flex to Staggered Screen Play

The Flex to Staggered Screen basketball play is designed as a quick hitter from your flex set to create an opportunity for your shooting guard. As you run the flex a few times, O3's defender will start concentrating on defending the backscreen and flex cut across the … [Read More...]


Forward Scoring Workout

This basketball shooting workout is specifically designed for players who play the forward position. The Forward Scoring Workout contains 7 shooting drills that emulate game-type scoring situations. The drills found in the .pdf below include: Contested Mikan … [Read More...]