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5 on 5 Random Movement

Purpose: To teach transition basketball while in a half court situation. Both the defense and offense need to react quickly to a change of possession. Drill: 5 players on offense, 5 players on defense. Coach or manager at top with the … [Read More...]

Combination Man-Zone Defense

The Combination Man-Zone Defense is so-called because it combines zone defense and man-to-man defense principles. This defense can be used as a change-up during a game or it can even be run for an entire game. The effectiveness of the Combination … [Read More...]

Backdoor Play

This backdoor quick hitter from the box set is great when facing tough man to man defensive pressure. When the point guard (1), gets the basketball across halfcourt and towards the top of the key, #2 and #3 both cut hard from the low block to the … [Read More...]

Baseline Upscreen Cross Screen Play

This is a simple but quite effective baseline out of bounds play you can run against a man-to-man defense. By utilizing a couple of simple screens, you create 2 possible shot opportunities -- a corner/short corner jump shot or a layup. When … [Read More...]

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Suicides, Sweat and Success

My basketball career was short lived. In fact, it was cut short before it really got going. I broke my ankle in my junior year of high school. I couldn’t try out for the varsity team. And in my day, if you didn’t play in your junior year, you didn’t make the squad your … [Read More...]


Skill Development Coach Review

:: A Hoops U. Basketball Review :: Website: www.skilldevelopmentcoach.com I recently was given the opportunity to check out Skill Development Coach, a new website built for basketball players, coaches, and trainers. If you're in the business of teaching kids the … [Read More...]


Spartan Ball Handling Workout

This basketball ball handling workout is a set of 5 drills that will greatly enhance a player's ability and confidence in handling the basketball. Several of the drills also have the player go through multiple moves or options. The 5 ball handling drills in the .pdf … [Read More...]