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4-on-4 Closeout Basketball Drill

Purpose: To practice closeouts on the ball and closing out defensively when off the ball. Drill: 4 offensive players start on the perimeter. 4 defensive players start on the baseline. A coach with a ball also stands on the baseline. To … [Read More...]

Sideline Pick and Roll Shooting Drills

The Sideline Pick and Roll Shooting Drills is a series of 6 drills you can use to break down the pick and roll play. These 6 drills will help develop and teach players how to score off of the pick and roll regardless of how it is defended. If you use … [Read More...]

Kevin Durant Off-the-Ball Scoring Drills

This basketball workout contains 6 drills broken down from the types of shots Kevin Durant takes during games. These are the types of moves and shots that Kevin Durant takes during games. The 6 drills include: Down Screen Step Back High Post … [Read More...]

12 Player Basketball Shooting Drill

Purpose: To develop and improve shooting in a game-like situation utilizing passing, screening, rebounding, and patterned movement. Drill: As the drill name states, this is a 12 player, 4 ball shooting drill. It can be used as a warm-up drill or … [Read More...]

Spartan Scoring Drills

This series of 'Spartan Scoring Drills' contains 6 drills that go beyond simply shooting a basketball. These game-like drills help players develop the ability to score in games. From a 1-on-1 drill to several 2-man drills that require players to read … [Read More...]

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Flex to Staggered Screen Play

The Flex to Staggered Screen basketball play is designed as a quick hitter from your flex set to create an opportunity for your shooting guard. As you run the flex a few times, O3's defender will start concentrating on defending the backscreen and flex cut across the … [Read More...]


Forward Scoring Workout

This basketball shooting workout is specifically designed for players who play the forward position. The Forward Scoring Workout contains 7 shooting drills that emulate game-type scoring situations. The drills found in the .pdf below include: Contested Mikan … [Read More...]

Suicides, Sweat and Success

My basketball career was short lived. In fact, it was cut short before it really got going. I broke my ankle in my junior year of high school. I couldn’t try out for the varsity team. And in my day, if you didn’t play in your junior year, you didn’t make the squad your … [Read More...]


Skill Development Coach Review

:: A Hoops U. Basketball Review :: Website: www.skilldevelopmentcoach.com I recently was given the opportunity to check out Skill Development Coach, a new website built for basketball players, coaches, and trainers. If you're in the business of teaching kids the … [Read More...]