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College Point Guard Shooting Workout

This basketball shooting and scoring workout contains 6 different drills that emulate the types of shots and scoring opportunities point guards will get in games. One of the drills included is also useful as a passing/warmup drill. The other 5 drills … [Read More...]

Post Player Step-Out Shooting Series

The Post Player Step-Out Shooting Series is a series of 8 shooting drills for the low post player. The step-out aspect is for when the post is on the low block but is forced away from it to receive the pass. Instead of making a low post move with the … [Read More...]

Get to Half Court Basketball Plays

The following diagrams are for 2 different plays that can be used at an end of game situation when there are just a few seconds left. If there is enough time left, as well as a time-out available to you, sometimes you will be better served if you can … [Read More...]

NBA Basketball Skill Workout

From finishing moves to dribbling skills, the NBA Basketball Skill Workout will have you handling the basketball and scoring like a pro! This workout contains 8 scoring and ball-handling skills drills: Finishing School Finishing School … [Read More...]

Jab Step to Shot Fake Drill

Purpose: To work on and develop the jab step and penetration into a jump stop, shot fake, and jump shot. This drill can be effective in team practice and is also a great drill for individual workouts. Drill: Set up 3 cones along the three-point … [Read More...]

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An Athletic Code of Ethics

This Athletic Code of Ethics appeared in the May, 1922 edition of The Athletic Journal. The Athletic Journal began in 1921 and deemed themselves "A Professional Magazine for Coaches of the Country". It is quite interesting to read the code with the different use of … [Read More...]


UAB Baseline Box 3

Here is a really nice baseline out of bounds play from the box set that UAB used to get a late-game 3-pointer. This 3-point shot helped them upset 3rd seed Iowa State in the second round of the 2015 NCAA tournament. Below the diagram and description of this play, … [Read More...]


Backspin Review

:: A Hoops U. Basketball Review :: Author: Pete Strobl Available from: CoachStrobl.com Backspin, by Pete Strobl, is a fascinating book that is part basketball, part memoir, and part motivational. Altogether, it was hard to put down until I was finished … [Read More...]

its official

The Power of Respecting Officials

The Duke Basketball program has mastered the art of respecting officials for many years. You will rarely see a Duke player complain or disagree with an official about a call. Simply put, they have learned how to groom officials in a way that typically results in … [Read More...]

Can't Knock the Hustle

Dribble Tag

Purpose: To practice ball-handling, controlling, and protecting the basketball on the dribble. Also helps to develop vision and reaction. This is a fun youth basketball drill but can be used at any age (older kids will have fun because they probably played this when … [Read More...]