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Backdoor Play

This backdoor quick hitter from the box set is great when facing tough man to man defensive pressure. When the point guard (1), gets the basketball across halfcourt and towards the top of the key, #2 and #3 both cut hard from the low block to the … [Read More...]

Flex to Staggered Screen Play

The Flex to Staggered Screen basketball play is designed as a quick hitter from your flex set to create an opportunity for your shooting guard. As you run the flex a few times, O3's defender will start concentrating on defending the backscreen and … [Read More...]

Overload Continuity Zone Offense

This zone offense is so named because the continuity is created by the point guard dribbling from side to side, pulling the defense with him (thereby creating an overload on one side of the defense). Screens are also plentiful in this zone offense to … [Read More...]

8:40 Partner Basketball Shooting Drill

Purpose: Develop shooting accuracy through repetition. Helps you get shots off more quickly and more accurately. Also a good conditioning drill. Drill: Player 1 begins with a basketball. Player 2 is the rebounder and passer. Player 1 will begin … [Read More...]

Team Low Post Basketball Shooting Drill

Purpose: To work on cutting to the low post, receiving the pass, and finishing with a post move and score. Perimeter players also work on passing into the low post. This drill specifically allows the entire team to work on low post shooting in a … [Read More...]

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WNBA Point Guard Workout

The WNBA Point Guard Workout is designed for point guards ... or any basketball player who handles the ball! This workout contains 7 drills that will help develop footwork, dribble moves, and shooting. In the .pdf below, you will find the following drills: 2 Step … [Read More...]


An Athletic Code of Ethics

This Athletic Code of Ethics appeared in the May, 1922 edition of The Athletic Journal. The Athletic Journal began in 1921 and deemed themselves "A Professional Magazine for Coaches of the Country". It is quite interesting to read the code with the different use of … [Read More...]


UAB Baseline Box 3

Here is a really nice baseline out of bounds play from the box set that UAB used to get a late-game 3-pointer. This 3-point shot helped them upset 3rd seed Iowa State in the second round of the 2015 NCAA tournament. Below the diagram and description of this play, … [Read More...]


Backspin Review

:: A Hoops U. Basketball Review :: Author: Pete Strobl Available from: CoachStrobl.com Backspin, by Pete Strobl, is a fascinating book that is part basketball, part memoir, and part motivational. Altogether, it was hard to put down until I was finished … [Read More...]