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Attack the Box Drill

Purpose: The 'Attack the Box' drill allows the offensive players to work against a box zone using any of the 21 Zone Principles discussed. Drill: The defense sets up with 4 players in a box zone as shown. Four offensive players are in a 1-2-1 … [Read More...]

1 on 1 Gladiator Drill

Purpose: In a transition setting, little elements are overlooked within the big picture. For example, when players go 1 on 1 full court, the focus tends to be on sprinting down the court. As a result, players forget to block out prior to … [Read More...]

The Rebound Game

Purpose: To help your basketball team become more adept at both offensive and defensive rebounding. This is a very tough and competitive drill that will wonderfully improve your overall team rebounding. Drill: Divide the squad into four teams of … [Read More...]

Return Series

Purpose: To teach players the options from the pass-and-go-behind maneuver. Drill: This drill uses 2 players. Player 2 makes a V-cut to the basket, as shown. Player 1 passes the ball to Player 2 and then goes behind to get the handoff. Player 1 … [Read More...]

George Hill Scoring Series

George Hill has worked hard and transitioned himself into one of the better point guards in the NBA. This series of 7 drills are based on extensive film study of they types of shots Hill takes during games. George Hill Scoring Series … [Read More...]

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Spartan Ball Handling Workout

This basketball ball handling workout is a set of 5 drills that will greatly enhance a player's ability and confidence in handling the basketball. Several of the drills also have the player go through multiple moves or options. The 5 ball handling drills in the .pdf … [Read More...]