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Attack the Diamond Drill

Purpose: The 'Attack the Diamond' drill is very similar to the 'Attack the Box' drill. The main difference, however, is the emphasis placed on the offensive players. Drill: The defense sets up in a 4-man diamond zone as shown. The four offensive … [Read More...]

Middle Screen and Drive Play

The Middle Screen and Drive Play is a simple basketball set play that can be run at any level ... from youth to professional! The offense is well-spaced for this play, which has the post player set an on-ball screen to allow the point guard to attack … [Read More...]

Shell Situations Drill

Purpose: To work on various situations that occur in a basketball game and how to properly defend them. To improve and develop communication skills. Also works on offensive movements and fundamentals that will improve team play. Drill: The … [Read More...]

1-on-2 Dribble Drill

Purpose: Teach the offensive players to dribble the basketball up court under intense defensive pressure. Drill: Divide the court into three separate lanes with an offensive player with a basketball and two defensive players in each lane. Players … [Read More...]


1) The 'Twins' quick hitter is designed to get a layup. In the opening set, O1 has the ball at the top, O2 and O3 are on the low block, O4 is at the free throw line and O5 is stacked above O3.   2) The play starts with O2 and O3 cutting … [Read More...]

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Coach Meyer

RIP Coach Meyer

Don Meyer, one of the winningest coaches in college basketball who came back from a near-fatal car accident and liver cancer before closing out his career, has died in South Dakota. He was 69. Meyer led his teams into the playoffs 19 times and compiled a 923-324 … [Read More...]