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Double Stack Low

Double Stack Low is a simple zone quick hitting play intended to get a jump shot from the weak side. With this setup, it will work best against an even front zone such as a 2-3 or 2-1-2. 1) The play starts off with O1 (this should be your best … [Read More...]

How to Score Against a 2-3 Zone

A defense will run a 2-3 zone for several different reasons. It could be because they don’t think that your team shoots well, they might be undersized, also could be what they do well, or maybe to take you out of your normal man to man sets. Whatever … [Read More...]

2 Corner Set Basketball Play

The '2 Corner Set' quick hitter is designed to get a quick shot, especially in the clutch or in late game situations. 1) The opening set begins with O1 at the point, O2 and O3 in the corners, and O4 and O5 stacked side-by-side at the free throw … [Read More...]

Backdoor Play

This backdoor quick hitter from the box set is great when facing tough man to man defensive pressure. When the point guard (1), gets the basketball across halfcourt and towards the top of the key, #2 and #3 both cut hard from the low block to the … [Read More...]

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Hardwood Posters Review

:: A Hoops U. Basketball Review :: Company: Hardwood Posters Available from: www.hardwoodposters.com I recently received the above poster from Hardwood Posters and I wanted to take some time to give it a full-on Hoops U. Review! My initial reaction when I … [Read More...]


Hoops U. Basketball Coaches Academy 2014

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the 2014 Hoops U. Basketball Coaches Academy has been cancelled. Please look for a return in 2015! We are excited to announce our 2nd annual Hoops U. Basketball Coaches Academy! We hope you'll be able to join us in-person, but if you … [Read More...]

Earn Playing Time

How To Earn More Playing Time

Coach Jacob Yorg, Head Women's Basketball Coach at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, recently shared via Twitter his list for how basketball players can earn more playing time. It is a great list that is important for players to understand if they desire more … [Read More...]