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Backdoor Play

This backdoor quick hitter from the box set is great when facing tough man to man defensive pressure. When the point guard (1), gets the basketball across halfcourt and towards the top of the key, #2 and #3 both cut hard from the low block to the … [Read More...]

Attack the Box Drill

Purpose: The 'Attack the Box' drill allows the offensive players to work against a box zone using any of the 21 Zone Principles discussed. Drill: The defense sets up with 4 players in a box zone as shown. Four offensive players are in a 1-2-1 … [Read More...]

Sidecourt Pressure Stack

This sidecourt out of bounds play takes advantage of a basic stack play, but under conditions where the defense is really denying the inbounds pass. Players O4 and O5 line up in a stack free throw line high on the ball side. The defenders … [Read More...]

Coaching Tips on Out of Bounds Plays

One of the great old basketball coaching books in my collection is Pressure Basketball by Dr. Jack Ramsay. The book, published in 1963 while Coach Ramsay was at St. Joseph's, is a top-notch coaching guide that shows how to coach and teach an … [Read More...]

4-on-4 Closeout Basketball Drill

Purpose: To practice closeouts on the ball and closing out defensively when off the ball. Drill: 4 offensive players start on the perimeter. 4 defensive players start on the baseline. A coach with a ball also stands on the baseline. To … [Read More...]

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Coach Meyer

RIP Coach Meyer

Don Meyer, one of the winningest coaches in college basketball who came back from a near-fatal car accident and liver cancer before closing out his career, has died in South Dakota. He was 69. Meyer led his teams into the playoffs 19 times and compiled a 923-324 … [Read More...]