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Sideline Pick and Roll Shooting Drills

The Sideline Pick and Roll Shooting Drills is a series of 6 drills you can use to break down the pick and roll play. These 6 drills will help develop and teach players how to score off of the pick and roll regardless of how it is defended. If you use … [Read More...]

Weak Side Forward Drill

Purpose: To emphasize defensive help-and-recover technique. The weakside forward steps in to stop penetration of the offensive player to the basket and then recovering to guard own player. The defensive guard practices dropping down to ball line to … [Read More...]

Jab Step to Shot Fake Drill

Purpose: To work on and develop the jab step and penetration into a jump stop, shot fake, and jump shot. This drill can be effective in team practice and is also a great drill for individual workouts. Drill: Set up 3 cones along the three-point … [Read More...]

Spartan Scoring Drills

This series of 'Spartan Scoring Drills' contains 6 drills that go beyond simply shooting a basketball. These game-like drills help players develop the ability to score in games. From a 1-on-1 drill to several 2-man drills that require players to read … [Read More...]

Basketball Pickup Drill

Purpose: To improve lateral quickness, agility, conditioning, and reaction. An especially good drill for developing footwork and quickness for inside players. Drill: Two people are needed for this drill, with at least one basketball. The player … [Read More...]

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Coach Meyer

RIP Coach Meyer

Don Meyer, one of the winningest coaches in college basketball who came back from a near-fatal car accident and liver cancer before closing out his career, has died in South Dakota. He was 69. Meyer led his teams into the playoffs 19 times and compiled a 923-324 … [Read More...]